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Dr. Stephanie is very professional and passionate by her work and helping her patients. She is detailed in her explanations and uses words that I can understand. She goes above and beyond to help her patients with the most difficult cases. She has also been treating my daughter since she was about 10 months. I would recommend her most definitely! :)


Dr. Stephanie has been amazing! I originally went with my newborn due to his neck always being turned to one side and some digestive issues! He was so much better in just a couple sessions! She offers a mom and baby program and since I had never been to a chiropractor, I decided to take advantage of this program and it has been amazing! She is thorough in her assessments and explains everything along the way! She is very personable and easy to talk too! We love Dr. Stephanie :)


Stéphanie is a pleasure to work with because of her polite demeanour, her expertise and the passion that she shows for her craft. She takes it the extra mile by taking a holistic approach to health, rather than just a physical one. Definitely recommend!


I was nervous venturing into chiropractic care for the time but it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Dr. Stephanie took the time to explain everything to me and put my mind at ease. She is kind and attentive. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been seeing Dr. Stephanie, and I cannot believe the one thing I was scared to do- ended up being a solution to my pain! Thank you Dr. Stephanie!


I began having debilitating pain and numbness in my leg and back in September 2019. While I was under the care of another doctor for an issue with my ankle, it was discovered through an MRI that I had a massive disc herniation in my lower back that had cut off almost all feeling in my right foot and leg and causing extreme pain that left me walking with a cane at 19 years old. I was told I was going to need emergency surgery on my back and was put on a fast track for physiotherapy and surgery. It was through word of mouth that I heard of Dr Stephanie and I am honestly so glad I sought her services. The clinic is beautiful and well maintained and everyone who works there is so incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and professional. Within two months, I have gone from not being able to sleep through the night, crying in pain daily, and not being able to walk without a walking aid to being able to walk, sleep through the night, and being able to get back to doing little things every day like shower, cook, and even do my laundry: all tasks that were impossible before. I went from facing massive spinal surgery at 19 to being able to return to my daily life. I could never have improved this much without Dr Stephanie’s help. I have seen many medical professionals due to a variety of health reasons in my life and Dr Stephanie is one of the kindest, most professional and caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Anyone would benefit from her talent and knowledge.


Dr Stephanie De Haas is , energetic and a delight. She is very thorough and takes her time to ensure you understand each step of the process towards your health/chiropractic goals. I was recommended to see Dr. De Haas through my mother’s trainer as she had explained to him how debilitating my back pain was and though seeing a trainer to strengthen my back muscles could help. I could hardly stand 15-20 mins without feeling pain throw into my legs and having to sit down for extended periods.The trainer felt my issue would be best relieved by a chiropractor and he highly recommended her. He was absolutely correct in doing so.

I started seeing Dr de Haas in February and I can’t be more happy. We are now in July and I can finally stand for 1-2 hours. Turns out I have a slipped vertebrae in my lower back and using a gentle method called the Cox technique, Dr De Haas has helped immensely in re-establishing my mobility. Essentially giving me my life back. What’s more, although my issue was primarily my lower back pain, Dr De Haas treats the entire spine. In doing so, my migraines are fewer and far between and less intense as well I haven’t had any acid reflux since.

What I enjoy as well is how she keeps me involved in my own health. She explains everything she does and ensures you’re comfortable proceeding with the next procedure/manoeuvre/technique. She goes at your pace. If there is a particular procedure you aren’t comfortable with, such as getting your bones cracked, she offers other options and is more than happy to do so. That is because her knowledge is extensive and she equipped with a variety of treatment options. She is flexible with your health and let’s you be in charge of it whilst offering her professional knowledge, and advice without pushing it on you.

The clinic as well is in home and it is so inviting to enter and get treatment. It is a calm and relaxing environment. I truly enjoy that it is a family owned and operated clinic. They truly make you feel as though you are in some way part of it.

It has truly been life changing to be treated by Dr. De Haas. I definitely recommend and highly suggest her as your chiropractor if you are seeking relief for anything.


I was having lower back pain and a lot of discomfort and pain in the left leg. The pain was unbearable, and it made it difficult to sleep.

From a referral, I visited Dr Stephanie de Haas. During the initial visit, Dr de Haas did a full physical examination and I was requested to have my X-ray done. During the following appointment, I was explicitly explained and shown what was causing the pain and discomfort. And a full report was given to me. From there I started my sessions. I must say that from the first session itself, I felt very much relieved and was almost back to normal after the second session. I was able to have a good night's sleep and my movements were fine. I was being treated by the Thompson and Cox technique.

The service I received from the clinic and from Dr de Haas has been 5 star all the time. I feel a lot better, with no pain until now. Her advices have also been very beneficial.

I highly recommend Dr Stephanie De Haas. She is an incredible person and a caring, highly professional and amazing chiropractor.


Stephanie has not only eliminated my lower back pain but also taught me which parts of the body had to be adjusted. My body has improved greatly and I've learned a lot. The clinic is a professional & comfortable environment so if you're looking for a knowledgeable chiropractor, I recommend Stephanie.


Dr. de Haas is an exceptional chiropractor! Since seeing her I feel better, I have more energy, and the pain and numbness are gone. Thank you for everything!


Since I went to see Dr. Stéphanie my life changed for the better. What a change, I can finally live my life without having constant pain / burning in my lower back. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. After several years of medication and physiotherapy, Dr. Stéphanie's COX technique worked. After 3 COX treatments I had already noticed a big improvement.

I can say that Dr. Stéphanie saved my life. I have not taken any medication since my treatments and I no longer have the burning sensation on my back. I continue my treatments once a week until mid-February and thereafter I will continue once a month. I would like to thank Dr. Stéphanie from the bottom of my heart for improving my quality of life. I recommend Dr. Stéphanie to all people who have a back problem and are taking COX treatment ... a miracle.


Dr Stéphanie, a caring chiropractor who is attentive to her patients. Professional services and a personalized approach. [translation]


I have followed Dr Stéphanie's care for 6 months. She is very caring. Professional Services. [translation]


A very good service, I felt relief from my pains at each visit. Very professional. [translation]


Always attentive to our problems and she is very good during the treatment. She knew how to fix my knee problem that I had for 1 year. You are in good hands with her. [translation]


My visits with Dr. Stéphanie changed my life. For more than 5 years, my feet were always numb. After 2 visits, I had no more numbness. I had tried 2 other chiros, massage therapy and osteopathy with no results. To come see Dr. Stéphanie I had to drive 1h15, and I would keep doing that if she wasn’t moving away. Thank you very much and good luck in the future. You are very good. [translation]


During several months of treatments with Dr. Stéphanie, I saw a lot of improvement of my back pain. Dr. Stephanie is friendly, courteous and professional, and we feel well taken care of with her. Thank you! [translation]


I had the chance to receive Dr. Stéphanie’s services at the university clinic of Trois-Rivières. She welcomed me with a grand professionalism, and delivered a service that lived up to my expectations. One thing is certain, she is a sensible person who listens to your needs. Thank you for the treatments! [translation]


Dr. Stéphanie is very considerate, an excellent practitioner! She is very human. She would have remained my chiro if she didn’t have to leave! Thank you for your approach. You restored my confidence in chiropractic! [translation]


Madame Stéphanie de Haas has followed me for a year at the university clinic of Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. I only have congratulations for her. Madame de Haas is very conscientious, devoted and attentive to her patients. The only reproach I have is that she is leaving us to practice in Ottawa. Good luck and thank you. [translation]


Her welcome and her attention make of her a chiropractor that I highly recommend. She is attentive and takes care to respond to her client’s needs. [translation]


After having injured my low back at the gym, I had been treated by several chiropractic interns at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. Amongst them, Dr. Stéphanie treated me for 1 year. She distinguished herself particularly by her professional nature. I often had questions that were not exactly related to my main complaints, and she generously took her time to answer them. Dr. Stéphanie gave me some tips that I could apply at home and at the gym, to avoid re-injuring myself and to speed up my recovery. Under her care, my back pain recovered almost completely, and my little pains in the shoulders and between my shoulder blades that I had for a long time were greatly improved. It is without a doubt that I recommend her services to whoever looking to regain functionality at the gym. [translation]